How Many Cucumbers In 500 Grams

Wondering how much 500 grams of cucumbers is equivalent to in terms of individual cucumbers? The number of cucumbers that weigh 500 grams can vary depending on the size and variety of cucumbers, but on average, you can expect around 3-5 cucumbers.

Let’s take a deeper look at the breakdown.

Average Cucumber Weight

The average weight of a single cucumber can range from 100 grams up to 300 grams, depending on the variety and size. Some common weights include:

  • Slicing cucumbers (long English type): 150-200 grams each
  • Pickling cucumbers (short Kirby type): 75-150 grams each
  • Baby (mini) cucumbers: 50-100 grams each

So, as a general estimate, a medium-sized slicing cucumber weighs around 150 grams on average. Using this number as a baseline, 500 grams would equate to:

500 grams / 150 grams per cucumber = Approximately 3.3 cucumbers

Rounding up, this means that, on average, you can expect around 3-4 standard-sized cucumbers to weigh 500 grams.

Variety Makes a Difference

However, it’s important to note that some cucumber varieties produce significantly larger or smaller fruit than average. For example:

  • Armenian (lemon) cucumbers only weigh 50-75 grams each on average. So, 500 grams would equal around 6-10 of these mini cucumbers.
  • English (Telegraph) cucumbers are extra-long and can reach 300-400 grams each. So, 500 grams would equal only 1-2 of these jumbo cucumbers.
  • Baby (mini) pickling cucumbers are even smaller at 30-50 grams each. 500 grams would equal 10-15 of these bite-sized cucumbers.

So, while 3-5 average-sized cucumbers are a good ballpark for 500 grams, the actual number could vary more or less depending on which specific variety you are dealing with. Bigger varieties mean fewer cucumbers, and smaller varieties mean more per 500 grams.

International Market Pricing

The price of cucumbers can vary quite a bit depending on location, season, and variety. Here is a brief overview of typical international market pricing for cucumbers:

  • United States: $1-3 per pound ($2-6 per kilogram) for standard field-grown cucumbers. Higher for specialty/greenhouse varieties.
  • Europe: €1.50-3.00 per kilogram for standard slicing cucumbers. Pickling varieties are slightly less at €1-2/kg.
  • India: Rs. 20-40 per kilogram, depending on season and region. Cheaper in major production states.
  • China: ¥5-12 per kilogram for field cucumbers. Glasshouse varieties upwards of ¥15-25/kg.
  • Mexico: 15-25 pesos per kilogram for bulk cucumber shipments to US markets. Slightly higher domestically.

As you can see, pricing depends greatly on location and growing/transport costs. But on average, expect to pay between $2-6/kg (or $1-3/pound) for standard field-grown slicing cucumbers in most international markets.

Ideas For 500 Grams of Cucumbers

Now that you know 500 grams equates to around 3-5 average-sized cucumbers, here are some ideas for using that amount:

  1. Cucumber salad – Thinly slice the cucumbers and toss with vinegar, salt, pepper and your favorite fresh herbs. Serve chilled.
  1. Cucumber sandwiches – Slice bread and top each piece with a thin cucumber slice, cream cheese or hummus, and another bread slice for an elegant tea sandwich.
  1. Pickled cucumbers – Cut into spears or coins and quickly pickle in a brine of vinegar, water, salt, and spices for crispy fridge pickles.
  1. Infused water – Thinly slice cucumbers and add to a pitcher of water along with mint leaves. Infuse the water with refreshing flavor.
  1. Smoothie boost – Blend 3-4 peeled, seeded cucumbers into your favorite green smoothie recipe for extra hydration.
  1. Korean cucumber kimchi – A spicy fermented side dish using salted and seasoned sliced cucumbers.
  1. Garnish for soups/stews – Add diced or thinly sliced cucumbers as a bright, crunchy topping before serving.


In summary, 500 grams of cucumbers provides just the right amount for a light salad, sandwich platter, or other chilled appetizer using 3-5 average-sized cucumbers. Enjoy them raw in salads or use them in chilled infused waters or other refreshing summer recipes.

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