When To Plant Garlic In Oklahoma

Growing garlic in Oklahoma can be a rewarding experience. Garlic is an easy-to-care-for crop that will produce a large harvest of flavorful bulbs if planted in the right conditions.

The best time to plant garlic in Oklahoma is in the early fall, usually around the middle of October. This gives the garlic enough time to become established before the winter cold sets in. Planting garlic in the fall also allows it to mature and be ready for harvest in the late spring or early summer.

With proper care and preparation, garlic can be a successful and rewarding crop in Oklahoma.

Types of Garlic to Grow in Oklahoma

Certainly! Oklahoma, with its varying climate, can support the cultivation of several types of garlic. Generally, garlic is categorized into two main types: hardneck and softneck. Here’s a breakdown of both types, as well as specific varieties suitable for Oklahoma:

1. Hardneck Garlic (Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon)

These varieties produce a stiff stem in the center of the bulb and usually have a richer, more complex flavor than softnecks. They are best for cooler climates but can be grown in Oklahoma.

  • Rocambole: This variety has a rich, full-bodied flavor. ‘Spanish Roja’ is a popular Rocambole type known for its spicy flavor.
  • Porcelain: They usually have large cloves, making them easy to peel. ‘Music’ and ‘Georgian Crystal’ are well-known Porcelain varieties.
  • Purple Stripe: As the name suggests, these have a purple-striped skin. Varieties like ‘Chesnok Red’ and ‘Metechi’ are popular and known for their unique flavors.

2. Softneck Garlic (Allium sativum var. sativum)

These varieties don’t have a hard central stalk, and they typically have a milder flavor. They are better suited for warmer climates and are often the types found in grocery stores.

  • Artichoke: Named for its overlapping layers of cloves resembling the look of an artichoke. ‘Inchelium Red’ and ‘California Early’ are popular varieties. These types can yield larger bulbs, especially in rich soils.
  • Silverskin: They have silvery, tight skins and are known for their long storage life. Varieties like ‘Silver White’ and ‘Nootka Rose’ are notable.

Benefits of Growing Garlic in Oklahoma

Growing garlic in Oklahoma has many benefits for the local environment and economy. Garlic is an easy crop to grow and requires little maintenance, making it an ideal crop for small-scale farmers.

Garlic is highly nutritious and has a variety of health benefits, including reducing inflammation, boosting immunity, and helping to lower cholesterol.

For local businesses, garlic is a great way to add flavor to food and attract customers. Additionally, Oklahoma’s climate is suitable for garlic growth, with mild winters, moderate summers, and plenty of sunlight.

Growing garlic in Oklahoma can provide local farmers with an affordable, healthy, and profitable crop.

Selecting the Right Soil and Location for Planting

Selecting the right soil and location for planting is essential for a successful and healthy garden. The soil should be rich in organic material and free of weeds, and the location should provide adequate sunlight and moisture.

It is important to select a spot that is well-drained and protected from harsh weather and pests. The area should also be large enough to accommodate the plants’ roots.

Additionally, the soil should be tested for nutrients before planting to ensure the plants have access to the right balance of essential minerals. Properly selecting soil and location will ensure that your garden thrives and produces a bountiful harvest.

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Planting Garlic in Oklahoma

Garlic is a versatile and flavorful member of the onion family that can be grown in Oklahoma. Planting garlic in Oklahoma is a great way to add fresh flavor to your favorite dishes, plus it’s an easy-to-maintain crop.

Garlic needs to be planted in early fall for optimal growth. Plant cloves, spacing them 6-8 inches apart and 2-3 inches deep in well-drained soil. Garlic prefers full sun and needs to be watered regularly for the best growth.

Harvest your garlic once the tops begin to yellow, usually in late spring or early summer. Enjoy the delicious flavor of freshly grown garlic in your favorite recipes and know that you planted and grew it yourself!

Water Requirements for Garlic

Garlic is a popular ingredient in many cuisines around the world, but did you know that it has specific water requirements for optimum growth? For healthy garlic plants, approximately 1 inch of water should be applied weekly during the growing season.

Garlic needs moist soil in order to grow properly, but too much water can cause the plants to rot or produce smaller bulbs. During the summer months, it is especially important to monitor water levels to ensure that the plants are receiving enough moisture.

Additionally, watering during the evening or early morning hours can help reduce water loss due to evaporation. Providing garlic with the proper amount of water is essential in order to ensure a good yield of flavorful bulbs.

Caring for Garlic Plants in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is known for its diverse climates, with hot summers and cold winters. Growing garlic in Oklahoma can be a rewarding experience if you take the time to properly care for your plants. The first step is to select a variety of garlic that can withstand the fluctuating temperatures.

Plant your garlic in fertile, well-draining soil and water regularly. Be sure to loosen the soil around the garlic before planting and mulch to reduce weeds and retain moisture. As your garlic grows, make sure to keep it weed-free and fertilize every 6-8 weeks.

Harvest your garlic when the tops begin to turn brown and dry, then hang to cure in a cool, dark place. With the right care and attention, your garlic will thrive in Oklahoma and provide you with a delicious harvest.

FAQs About the When To Plant Garlic In Oklahoma

What is the best time of year to plant garlic in Oklahoma?

Answer: The best time to plant garlic in Oklahoma is in late October or early November.

Is there a specific type of garlic that is best suited for Oklahoma’s climate?

Answer: Yes, softneck varieties such as ‘Inchelium Red’ and ‘Music’ are best suited for Oklahoma’s climate.

How deep should garlic be planted in Oklahoma?

Answer: Garlic should be planted approximately 4-6 inches deep in Oklahoma.


In conclusion, planting garlic in Oklahoma is best done in late fall, usually around mid-October. Planting garlic in Oklahoma at any other time of the year can be difficult due to the unpredictable weather. It is important to prepare the garlic bed with plenty of organic matter and make sure to keep the bed well-weeded and watered throughout the season. With a little patience and a bit of care, you will have a healthy garlic crop ready to harvest in mid-July.


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